Suurupi Lighthouse Front

Coordinates: 59°28.300' N/24°24.993' E Light sector: white 242.5° - 250.5° Year of construction and reconstruction: 1859; 1885;1998 Light’s range of visibility: 11 miles Height of the lighthouse from the base: 15 m Altitude of the light: 18 m Characteristic of the light: 3s (1.5+1.5)

In the middle of the 19th century, sailors continuously complained about the poor condition of the navigational equipment in the Russian waters. In 1859, a wooden beacon was built in Suurupi, 2245 m from the Rear Lighthouse. Lantern chamber finished in 1885. Together with the stone Rear Lighthouse, they form a target of 246.5⁰, which facilitates departure from Tallinn Bay from between Naissaar and Vahemadal in a westward direction into the Gulf of Finland. In 1863, the eastern wall was painted white, the sides and the rear wall were painted yellow and the roof red. An overseer’s dwelling, a barn and a well were built near the lighthouse. In 1888, the sheeting was renewed and all sides were painted white. A stone kerosene house was added to the station. In 1911, a new wooden house was built. In 1967, the lighthouse was converted to electric power and synchronized with the upper lighthouse. In 1998, the Suurupi Front Lighthouse was restored. The Suurupi Front Lighthouse is one of a hundred working historical lighthouses of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA). The whole complex is under state protection as a cultural heritage.

Suurupi Lighthouse Front used oil lamps at first, then gas and in 1967 the beacon was electrified.


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Lighthouse keeper Anne-Ly Gross-Mitt

Lighthouse keeper’s dynasty began with Elmar Kares, the great-uncle of Anne-Ly Gross-Mitt. After World War II, he was appointed superintendent of the Suurupi lighthouses and began to rebuild the war-torn upper lighthouse complex. Until then, he lived with his family in the lower lighthouse. In 1978, the great-uncle retired and was succeeded by stepfather Peet. Anne-Ly grew up in the …

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Lighthouse keeper Peet Pajus

Peet Pajus was lighthouse keeper during 1978 – 1998. When Elmar and Indy Kares retired in 1978, they handed their position in the shipshape lighthouse over to their goddaughter Helle Kares, who came together with her husband to perform the responsible work as a keeper of the light. Peet Pajus was born on 14 March 1941 in Häädemeeste. Peet’s grandfather …

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