Suurupi Lighthouse Rear

There are 4 ways to get from Tallinn to Suurupi by bus, taxi and car. We recommend taking the bus from Vabaduse väljak (Freedom Square) to Tempo bus station, which is the cheapest option and takes around 35 min. Alternatively, taking the taxi from Tallinn to Suurupi is the fastest option and takes around 26 min. Read more about Suurupi Lighthouse Rear in Google Maps.

Road surface: Cobblestones (promenade), in populated areas: asphalt roads, gravel roads, forest roads, trails, overgrown coastal areas (reeds), meadows, variable beaches: sand, gravel, stones, dolomite – sandstone base, algae washed ashore etc.

Dangerous places: You must not approach the upper part and the base of the Rannamõisa Cliffs and other outcrops because rockfalls occur regularly as a result of the waves washing away the outcrops. Military fortifications can be viewed from the outside!

Good to know: No accommodation is available in Suurupi, but you can take a bus to Tallinn or Laulasmaa on a regular basis.