Suurupi Lighthouse Rear

Coordinates: 59°27.813' N/24°22.818' E Light sector: white 0° - 360° Year of construction and reconstruction: 1760; 1951;1998 Light’s range of visibility: 12 miles Height of the lighthouse from the base: 22 m Altitude of the light: 68 m Characteristic of the light: 15 s (1.5+4.5+4.5+4.5)

In 1759, counter-admiral Mordvinov proposed to the Admiralty College to build a lighthouse on the Suurupi Peninsula. The lighthouse began operation in 1760, probably with an open fire. At the end of the 19th century, the dwelling, sauna, oil house, cellar and barn of the light station were completed. The station was surrounded by a high board fence with a limestone base. In the Second World War, the lighthouse keeper’s dwelling was destroyed during the retreat of the German forces. The lighthouse was saved from the worst fate, but required extensive renewal. In 1951, the lighthouse was reconstructed with the height of 22 m and in a slightly different shape. A new generator building was built at the station and the destroyed dwelling was replaced by a new house. In 1998, the lighthouse received a new lantern room and the light equipment was modernized. In 2011, a new LED lighting device was installed on the roof of the lantern room. The height of the light was increased by 2 meters and the light’s directional character was eliminated – now having a 360⁰ visibility.


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